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Turn Your Team Into A Motivated, Productive Profit Machine


We hear a lot about business culture, internal culture, company culture, etc.  So let’s first define “culture”:  Culture is the set of beliefs that governs behavior.  To successfully change your culture for the better, people must see that it is in their best intertest to alter their behavior.


Why Money is NOT a Motivator:


The default position is to give more money to unhappy, unmotivated workers in the hope that it will magically change them into happy, motivated workers.  This simply doesn’t play out in reality.  Throwing more money at a miserable employee simply gains you a slightly richer miserable employee.  I have personal experience with this. 


Twice in my career I demanded and received substantial raises thinking this was the answer to my job dissatisfaction.  One of those raises, I was told, was “the largest raise ever given to an employee at one time in company history.”  I quit within months.  The extra money did NOTHING to motivate me in jobs I found little satisfaction or fulfillment in.


There are three “Maverick Motivators” that must be met in order to achieve the positive culture change that reflects the desired future state of the enterprise:


1.    People need to be FULFILLED in their work.  The more of their talents, skills, and abilities that must be engaged at their job, the more fulfilling it will be.  This may require the learning of new skills through education and training.  However, the learning and application of new skills has been proven to be one of the most satisfying aspects of work, and it creates a cycle of more learning and growth that makes the worker even more valuable to the organization!


2.   People need to be EXCITED about their work.  Good workers need goals to achieve.  Short and long term, strategic and tactical, personal and organizational.  Constantly working towards and achieving goals generates a tremendous sense of accomplishment and builds forward momentum.  Common goals will foster better teamwork, company loyalty, and a desire to achieve more!  This is why everyone must be painted into the picture when discussing the future direction of the business.


3.    People must be REWARDED for their work.  Of course, this includes monetary rewards in the form of salaries, bonuses, commissions, benefits, etc.  But a little recognition and appreciation can be priceless.  When was the last time you recognized achievement, celebrated success, and partied over progress?


Does your internal culture include these Maverick Motivators?  If not, performance is almost certainly lacking.  Let’s discuss how we can create this kind of environment in your business.  You will likely find even your own work more fulfilling, exciting, and rewarding!