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Set a Winning Strategy and Turn it into Action




Operating without a coherent strategy is like driving around with no destination.  You may be operating the vehicle expertly, obeying all the traffic laws, and racking up a lot of miles, but you’re not really getting anywhere.


To achieve the highest levels of success you must first establish a bold vision of the desired future state of your enterprise, then put a viable strategy in place to achieve that vision.








Answer these important questions to evaluate your need for better strategy:


  1. Can you clearly and succinctly state your business strategy right now?

  2. Can all of your employees?

  3. When was the last time you seriously discussed the future direction of your business?

  4. Are your goals this year merely incremental improvements over last year’s performance?


The small business community suffers from a dearth of effective strategy.  Too often there is no strategy.  They just do stuff.


Having a winning strategy in place means:

  • Managers and employees have a framework that guides their actions and decisions toward strategic goals.

  • There are accountabilities and responsibilities for strategy implementation.

  • There are regular sessions to discuss strategic issues.

  • Core values and operating values are congruent with the strategy.

  • There is monitoring and evaluation of strategy progress.

Strategy formulation and implementation is a comprehensive, disciplined, and dynamic exercise.  This process determines the nature and direction of the business and empowers all involved to set priorities and take decisive action.


No matter the size of your organization, a proper strategy – along with the plans and tactics to properly implement it – are how you surge ahead to your desired future.