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The following services are often components of larger, more comprehensive projects.  However, I realize that sometimes you just need a quick fix, some expert guidance, surveys or investigative work, a creative writing project, or help with other one-off business improvement efforts that would be impractical to do in house.

Copywriting - Copywriting is an art form, but a formulaic one.  Every written piece should be personal, compelling, and persuasive.  If you have a message going out, you owe it to yourself to give it the best chance of being read in its entirety and that your points are made clearly and succinctly. 

Advertisement Creation / Critique - I am ceaselessly astounded at the money invested in boring, confusing, and ineffective advertising.  EVERY ad you create must contain the elements that demand action.  To not do so is professional malfeasance.  

Surveys, Polls, Questionnaires, Focus Groups - Do you know what your customers REALLY think about you?  Are they receiving the kind of service you intend?  Do they have suggestions about how your business can improve?  You can't know if you don't ask.

Development Classes / Workshops - The learning of new skills and applying them successfully are easily the most satisfying aspects of work.  Helping your staff grow and learn not only makes them more satisfied in their work, but makes them more valuable to your organization.  The key to effective training and education is tying the input to results.  Any development work I do comes with implementation plans to ensure the information is applied and not just consumed like empty calories.

Secret Shopping - This is one of the best ways to ensure your staff is following procedures, properly addressing the customers, and presenting sales presentations the way you intend.  

Coaching - Sometimes people just need a little one-on-one instruction, guidance, and encouragement.  It may be you, it may be a sales rep, or it may be your marketing coordinator.  My coaching starts with clearly defined goals and behaviors to be achieved.  This can be done quite discreetly and gracefully.

Crisis Management  - There is no more powerful phrase in a crisis than "I screwed up."   You must get out in front of it and stay in front of it.  Being honest and candid with those affected will go a long way in smoothing things out.  We'll let them know what happened, what we're doing about it, and open the lines of communication to address their concerns.