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   Ignite a Firestorm of Referrals





You’ve invested monumental amounts of time, effort, and resources to create a legion of happy customers.  You bend over backwards to please them.  You help solve their problems.  You provide a quality product.  You deliver above-par customer service.  A little reciprocation is not unreasonable to expect.  In fact, most happy customers would be delighted to provide referrals if you would just show them how!


A Referred Prospect is a Superior Prospect


A referred prospect is superior to a prospect acquired in any other fashion:

  • They convert to sales at a higher rate

  • Their transaction sizes are larger

  • They are less price resistant

  • They are less likely to shop you around

  • They are more likely to also refer others


    Much of your new business may already come from referrals and “Word-of-Mouth” advertising.  Don’t let this lead you to think you don’t need to focus on this area!  These naturally occurring referrals represent only a small, erratic percentage of the possible referral activity in play.  Without a diligent, systematic, company-wide referral facilitation program you are missing out on a tremendous growth opportunity.