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Remember the Space Shuttle?  Years ago, I witnessed a full scale shuttle Main Engine test at Cape Canaveral.  The whole “stack” (orbiter, fuel tank, and boosters) was poised on the launch pad as if ready for flight.  Instead, only the main engines fired while it remained bolted securely to the platform. 


There was a lot of noise, fire, and smoke; but it was a huge letdown.  Having witnessed several actual launches before, I knew the real fun began when those gigantic Solid Rocket Boosters ignited at T -1 second and 7 ½ million pounds of thrust instantly exploded to life and hurled the orbiter skyward.  The sheer energy of those boosters was astounding.  However, without ignition, those powerful boosters were merely storehouses of potential energy.


So I ask you:


How much potential energy goes unused in YOUR business?


I’ve worked with many businesses over the years in various capacities and I’ve NEVER seen an operation where there wasn’t tremendous potential and opportunities for growth just “lying around” unused.


This isn’t to say you’re blind or stupid.  Not at all.  But you’re breathing your own exhaust.  A consultant, first and foremost, brings fresh perspective.  We can share best practices, strategies, tactics, and innovations from other businesses and industries.


Areas of untapped potential commonly found:

·  Outstanding products and services being poorly marketed.

·  Excellent reputation and customer goodwill not being leveraged.

·  Lack of clear strategy and goals.

·  Opportunity for more profitable pricing models.

·  Poor sales processes and follow-up.

·  Staff that is not recognized and rewarded for desired outcomes.


The best organizations in the world use consultants frequently to ensure they are operating at maximum levels in all areas of their operation:  Hewlett Packard, Mercedes Benz, Boeing, Caterpillar, Merck, Chase Bank… you name it.   Why wouldn’t you do the same?


You may not be some huge global corporation, but you’re just as deadly serious about your business and its success (if you weren’t, you wouldn’t even be reading this).  I’d like nothing more than for you to experience the thrill of turning that potential energy into kinetic energy.


After a successful project together, perhaps you will make the same statement one shuttle pilot made right after liftoff: “The candles are lit.  We’re outta here!”




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