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Frequently Asked Questions

What are your fees?

I charge a flat project fee for all client work.  The fee is based on the scope of work, my contributions to the project, and the value derived representing a dramatic return on investment for you and equitable compensation for me.

I DO NOT charge by the hour or day.  You will know exactly what the investment is (with varying options) and the expected return for that investment.  Charging by the hour, in my opinion, is unfair to you and unethical for me.  You are best served by a quick resolution with as little disruption to your operation as possible.  Charging you by time units puts me in conflict with your best interests, which is one of the many reasons I don't do it.

For a more in-depth explanation of fees, click here.

I've never used a consultant before.  How does this work?

It starts by first determining if we're even right for each other.  I'll be the first to tell you I'm not for everybody.  Often, the journey from the comfortable nest of today to the desired state of tomorrow can be difficult, uncomfortable, and a little messy.  Paradigms must be broken, the status quo must be upset, behaviors must be changed.  This makes a lot of people uneasy no matter how lofty the goals to be attained as a result are.

To guarantee success, we must first establish a mutually beneficial business relationship.  As with any healthy relationship, this requires trust, commitment, and respect.

So how do we determine if we're right for each other?

Let's have a face to face conversation about it.  We'll ask some probing questions, toss ideas around, collaborate on possible outcomes, see if we "click".

These initial conversations can be very valuable to both of us regardless if we ever come to a business agreement.  I always learn something new and gain more experience thus making me a better consultant.  You may gain a fresh perspective, learn of new approaches, find a suggestion helpful, receive materials of relevance, or just bend a sympathetic ear with impartial analysis.

Two things are certain:  You will never be subjected to a sales pitch (I don't even have one), and you will never feel obligated or pressured to take the next steps until you are ready.

What kind of businesses do you consult with?

I don't think there's a specific type of business my firm can't help improve substantially for two reasons:

1)  The processes, principles, methodologies, systems, and tools at my disposal are very powerful and can be universally applied.  

2)  No matter what the output or driving forces, all businesses have one thing in common: people.  It's people we're ultimately dealing with.  

My philosophy is that the foundation of all business improvement (i.e. more profits, accelerated sales, higher growth) is the focus on improving conditions for people (i.e. increased wealth for you, higher job satisfaction for staff, more value for customers).  Most businesses struggle to reach new heights because they have these two priorities reversed.  Is yours one of them?  Oh, sorry.  You're asking the questions in this part, aren't you?

How would we achieve all the bold outcomes stated on your homepage?


It could be in any number of ways.  Your situation is unique and therefore requires unique approaches.  That's why this must be a collaborative effort.  

Instead of listing the various methodologies I might deploy (which would have you snoring in under 30 seconds), I'll ask the following: 

  • Where are you having the most success?

  • What challenges are you facing?

  • Where are you now compared to where you want to be?

  • How do you envision your ideal future?

We'll start selecting tools once we're clear on what we're building.  

What are you like to work with?  What's your style?

I like to hit the ground running so we can achieve some quick successes and build momentum.  I've always been one to cannonball right into the pool, not tentatively dip my toe in first.  Of course, I can dial this back if it makes people's hair fall out.

In my experience, the "cannonball" approach - if done with enthusiasm, confidence, and competence - actually gets people excited about the project and eager to contribute to its success.  Let's make some waves!

Will you be working at my place of business?

I do as much client work as possible at my own office.  Since I don't charge by the hour or day, there's never any pressure for me to "show my face" to justify my fees.  You'll get a command performance when my presence is required, but you don't need me underfoot. 

Regular debriefings will keep you abreast of all aspects of the project, and I guarantee a rapid response to all communications.