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Figure Out Your Ideal Market, Then Dominate It




A maverick business doesn’t dominate their marketplace by beating the competition, but by eliminating it.  You put yourself in a “category of one”.  You position yourself so perfectly in front of your ideal prospects that you are the only logical choice.


“We’re number one!” doesn’t move people anymore.  However, “We’re the only one just for you!” does.  Being a non-conformist when it comes to industry norms, marketing approaches, pricing models, and customer relationships will not only put you in uncrowded waters, it will make you an object of interest.  Think “different”, not “better”.


Characteristics of a Maverick Market Dominator:

  • Refusal to be commoditized

  • Deeply segmented, laser-focused marketing

  • Unique pricing models

  • Strong relationships with customers that aren’t easily broken

  • Seen as trusted experts and advisors

  • Vibrant referral activity


No matter what business you are in (karate instructor, personal injury attorney, plumber, retailer, whatever) you can become so unlike the competition that attempting an apples to apples comparison would be folly.  Your prospects will see you as their only real choice.  Customers will trust you so implicitly that they wouldn’t dream of switching allegiances.  I look forward to how we can work together to move your business to this most desirable destination.