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Consulting Projects




Consulting projects come in all shapes and sizes.  From comprehensive strategy  implementation to marketing innovations to sales improvement.   No matter what the project, however, you can count on quality work, professionalism, open communication, and results.  Here is the process from prospective client to thrilled client:

1. Initial discussions.  This is where we explore the possible outcomes you desire and see if it makes sense to proceed further.

2. Conceptual Agreement.  Now we hone in on exactly what you want to achieve, the value of those objectives, and the metrics that will tell us if we're achieving them.  

3. Proposal.  My proposals are clear, concise, and contain no "legalese".  They will detail what is to be done, who is responsible for what, the methodologies that will be used, the expected results (ROI), and a choice of options with escalating value.


4. Delivery.  I usually begin right away unless it isn't feasible due to conditions at your end.  I find getting some quick progress and success helps build momentum.   I will regularly debrief you on the progress and status of the various aspects of the project.

5. Success.  This is where we have accomplished what we set out to do.  It may not have always gone smoothly, it may not have been pretty, but we got here.   Along the way, the skills, processes, and behaviors required for the CONTINUED success of the project will have been imputed to all involved.  You will have clear direction moving forward and reap the annualized benefits.  I will also provide the ongoing support as laid out in the proposal.  Of course, you are welcome to speak with me conversationally at any time thereafter.


Common Consulting Project Categories (often delivered in combinations):







Customer Service

Motivation and Morale (Culture)

Career Development