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Establish a Consistent, Fascinating, and Irresistible Brand.


You’re brand is more than just a logo or slogan.  It is a consistent representation of your quality and values.  When I see a Starbucks sign, I am vividly reminded of the rich aromas, friendly baristas, and soothing atmosphere.  I know my experience there will be very similar to that of every other Starbucks I’ve visited. 


Although it’s unlikely you’re a farmer or rancher, when you see a John Deere tractor you know your looking at a solid, American-made piece of equipment backed by excellent service (as evidenced by their fiercely loyal customers).  If you were to ever find yourself in the market for a tractor, you’d almost certainly consider buying a John Deere. 


This kind of brand power is not unique to large corporations.  You, too, can establish a powerful brand that is promoted and reinforced through your marketing efforts, sales processes, customer service interactions, and internal culture.


Maverick Philosophies on Branding:

  • Using advertising solely for the purpose of branding is almost always a waste of time and resources.

  • Your brand can communicate who you’re NOT for as much as who you ARE for (Client and Customer appropriateness).

  • A brand should express more than just the obvious like “quality” and “value”.  Think Expertise, Power, Authority, Excitement, Mystique, Elitist, etc.

  • A brand’s purpose is to instill confidence, comfort, and trust in the customer.  No more, no less.

Your brand is your identity.  It represents your core values and beliefs.  It deserves your careful consideration. 

To determine if your brand needs refreshing, consider the following:

1.    Do people know what to expect from you?

2.    Is your store, office, restaurant, vehicle fleet, etc. consistent with the brand you project?

3.    Are all of your marketing and advertising materials congruent with your brand?

4.    Do your customers receive the same level of quality and service every time they do business with you?

5.    Does your team understand the value and importance of your brand?

6.    Does your team constantly reinforce and promote it?


The creation of a solid brand is organic.  It arises from the organization’s values, mission, beliefs, vision, and strategy.  If any of these areas are deficient or ambiguous, the brand suffers because it isn’t as sharply honed as it could be.  This is why branding is rarely a singular exercise, but instead part of a more holistic approach to business improvement.