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Become THE Trusted Expert and Authority in Your Field


There is a crisis of trust in American institutions – in government, in education, in religion, and in business.  All have suffered scandal after scandal.  If you can establish trust with your prospects and customers, sales will be practically superfluous.


Who Do You Trust?


People trust EXPERTS.  People trust AUTHORITY FIGURES.  In fact, we all have a deeply ingrained psychological inclination to defer to those positioned as such.  Even intelligent, sophisticated people will believe or do just about anything they are told by someone they see as an authority or expert. 

Sound far-fetched?  Then read on…

A Very Uncomfortable Truth (A Case Study)

Consider the case of the doctor who examined a patient’s ear and prescribed drops for an infection found there.  When the nurse read the doctor’s shorthand instructing her where to place the drops, she misinterpreted “R ear” as, well, you can probably guess. 

Astoundingly, neither the nurse nor the patient thought to question the doctor’s orders and applied the drops in a most uncomfortable and illogical manner!  When the incredulous doctor asked them what they were thinking, they both had the same answer: “Well, you’re the doctor.  You must know what you’re doing!”  (paraphrased from Robert Cialdani’s book “Influence”)

What Trust and Authority Mean For Your Business

Imagine if your prospects and customers trusted your expertise to the extent that they do business with you simply because you tell them to!  You’re the doctor, the scientist, the police officer in your field.  It would be foolish and inappropriate to not comply with your orders.

This is a very powerful position to be in.  It takes a lot more than just claiming “We’re the experts!” in your advertising (although that’s a good first step).  You must demonstrate that expertise.  You must prove that authority.  Once you do, no one will question it. 

Use With Caution!

This is one of the most effective consulting methodologies in the arsenal.  It doesn’t come easy, but it’s not as difficult as you might think.  Like a nuclear warhead, it’s not for everybody.  I strongly recommend we sit down and discuss how to get your business positioned as THE Authority, THE Experts, THE “Go-To” option in your arena.