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Dramatically Boost Advertising Response and Effectiveness

I am perpetually dumbfounded at the flood of weak, inept advertising I see on a daily basis.  I should open an ad agency.  In what other profession is so much money collected with so little accountability to results or return on investment?  Generally, a 1% response rate is considered good, and 2% is considered great.  If anyone else had a track record like that, they’d be sued for malpractice.

Effective advertising isn’t some kind of voodoo.  It doesn’t require creative geniuses to come up with the next viral ad campaign.  It’s actually quite simple:

  1. The right MESSAGE

  2. To the right PEOPLE

  3. In the right MEDIA

Sure, there are some important principles to be followed when sticking to these three prime directives, but the framework isn’t complicated.

Here are some questions about your current advertising you can use to gauge it’s likely effectiveness:

  1. Is it delivered only to people most likely to respond, or is it a more “scattershot” approach?

  2. Is it company-centered (we, us), or customer-centered (you, your)?

  3. Does it baselessly tout “We’re the best!”, or does it carefully explain why you’re the best for them?

  4. Does it make a clear, compelling offer and demand immediate response?

  5. Is there a lead capture and follow-up system in place?

  6. Does it mention any of the following?

  • How long you’ve been in business.

  • You’re family owned and operated.

  • You’re part of the community.

  • You’re ethical, reliable, prompt, etc.

(HINT: Nobody cares about the first three, and the last one is assumed.)

Just putting your name and phone number out there with a vague notion of doing business isn’t going to cut it.  Neither is trying to lure customers by being cute or clever.  You must tell people exactly what you’re offering, why it’s important to them, and why they must ACT NOW.

I can critique and modify your existing advertising, or create new, complex campaigns from scratch with automated follow-up and tracking systems depending on your needs and budget.  One thing is for sure: together we will make every advertising dollar count.

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